Campus Conduct Hotline

Finally, we have implemented Campus Conduct Hotline® (CCH) to help maintain the highest ethical standards at FMU. CCH affords individuals a confidential, anonymous way to alert the University of unsafe, illegal or unethical behavior and conduct. It is available twenty-four (24) hours, seven (7) days a week and is operated by an independent organization.

We are committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards at FMU. If you experience or observe what you believe is inappropriate behavior and are unsure what to do, you are obligated to report this information so that we can take appropriate action. Simply call toll-free to 866.943.5787 or access the FMU reporting URL:

Translation services are available should you need them. Please be advised that this system is to help maintain a compliant and safe work environment. Therefore, use it responsibly. Please expect additional information from the Office Human Resources and the Office of General
Counsel regarding specific training sessions. It is my hope that you are equally excited this new year. I am excited about the upcoming year! Our FMU is Ascending to Excellence!