FMU Receives a Generous Check from the State of Florida

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Florida Memorial University is getting the deserved funding needed to raise the academic bar on excellence when it comes to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Thanks to the Florida Higher Education Appropriations Subcommittee’s Democratic Ranking Member, Christopher Benjamin, FMU received a check for $550,000.

Rep. Benjamin who earned his BA degree from FMU in 1998, was proud to return to Lion Country today after going through the long process with the Appropriations Subcommittee to ensure FMU was recognized.

“We know the challenges our universities are facing in achieving their educational pursuits and we want to help,” said Rep. Benjamin. “FMU still stands out on top for me and as the only HBCU in South Florida, FMU is still needed in 2023 and needs support.”

The funds will be used for two key projects here at FMU.

(1) STEM Expansion Project Fostering Excellence in Cancer Studies, Data Science, and Cybersecurity
The funds also will be used to enhance STEM programs to provide instruction and training in STEM related disciplines, improve the quality of education in STEM related disciplines, increase research and productivity in STEM related disciplines.

(2) Florida Memorial University Math and Writing Center
The Math and Writing Center will establish a tutoring hub dedicated to improving these skills among FMU’s students. The center will also help to improve academic performances in other course offerings.
The center seeks to reduce stress and anxiety among the university’s students and increase awareness of and access to support services.

“Everything we do is to ensure our students have a competitive advantage to compete in the global market,” said FMU President Dr. Jaffus Hardrick. “FMU is the only institution to receive this funding and I want to thank Rep. Benjamin for his continued support of Florida Memorial University.”

Interim Provost Dr. Samuel Darko, along with STEM faculty members Dr. Rose Stiffin, Dr. Ayivi Huisso, Dr. Marilyn Sherman, Dr. Jayanta Das, Dr. Amalya Mihnea, and Dr. Latoya Appleton also attended today’s check presentation.