Credit by Examination

Test credits accepted at FMU, include International Baccalaureate (IB), College Level Examination Program (CLEP), Cambridge International, Advanced Placement (AP), SAT, and ACT. Credits are based on scores or grades which reflect earned credits of an equivalent course offered by the university. Student must provide a copy of completed test documents.

Advance Placement (AP)

Advanced Placement Program Florida Memorial University cooperates fully with accredited high schools and colleges in the Advanced Placement (AP) Program of the College Entrance Examination Board. courses are available to juniors and seniors in most United States high schools.

  • All AP credits granted must meet Florida Memorial University’s degree requirements.
  • Students must earn a score of 3 or higher based on the course subject on the nationally administered exam.
  • An official or copy of Grade Report must be submitted to receive credits. FMU does not use the high school transcript.
  • Credits will not be awarded for examination that duplicate course work or other exam credits previously posted to a student’s academic record.
  • Students are awarded credits only. Course grades are not included in the GPA and students are not given grades for Advanced Placement Courses.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Florida Memorial University recognizes that a well-rounded education contributes to the quality of life. The University expects that students will leave its community of scholars and traditions prepared to participate fully in society. The University also recognizes and honors students’ prior learning and may award credit for knowledge gained through independent study, advanced high school or honors classes, or other experiences outside of the University’s classroom. CLEP tests measure the mastery of University-level introductory course content in a wide range of disciplines. Credits Awarded Florida Memorial University will not award CLEP credits for the following:

  • Credit will not be awarded in a subject in which student has once been enrolled at the University level.
  • Credit cannot be earned through CLEP while on academic suspension from the University.
  • Credit will not be awarded for any course in which a student previously earned a failing grade.
  • Credit cannot be earned to raise a grade previously earned in a University course.
  • Total number of credits by examination that a student may earn is twenty-four (24). Credits exceeding that amount will not be awarded. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Credit will not be awarded as part of the last 30 hours applicable to a degree.

*Score minimums, credit hours awarded, and course equivalencies awarded are subject to change for any examination without prior notice.