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Welcome to the Department of Social Sciences! The mission of the Department of Social Sciences is to advance the intellectual, analytical, and communication skills of its students as it prepares them for the challenges of a diverse, global society. The Department further aims to nurture character that will enable students to function with proficiency and compassion within the human family. The Department is committed to providing quality instruction, advisement, and mentorship as we prepare students for the undergraduate degrees in:

  • Criminal Justice
  • Criminal Justice (Criminology)
  • Law & Government
  • Social Work
  • Psychology

The faculty in the Department of Social Sciences are a diverse group of avid academics, involved in research and professional service in their respective fields. They are all committed to promoting a student-centered learning environment and student success through proven high impact teaching practices and bring their relevant research into the classroom. Students are encouraged to cultivate their skills through a variety of honor and service organizations in each respective disciplines which bolsters contribution to each profession, statewide and globally.

Our program is bolstered by outstanding alumni who have made meaningful contributions to the profession in the State of Florida and throughout the world. At the same time, we aim to transform research training in the social sciences for the twenty-first century with initiatives that rethink traditional approaches to teaching and learning.