Message from the Chair

Greetings from the Department of Social Sciences at Florida Memorial University! 

The Department of Social Sciences in the School of Arts and Sciences is an eclectic department committed to creating and disseminating knowledge through world-class instructional and research-driven practices. We are dedicated to leveraging the social sciences, such as history, criminal justice, psychology, sociology, and social work, to forge innovations and practical applications of those innovations to improve the well-being of our community and our society.

Our goal is to increase students’ understanding of human behavior and its interaction with the environment and social institutions. Additionally, we work to prepare students to be global change agents ready to take on the challenges of the 21st-century workplace. The department provides programs of study that allow students to develop intellectually, socially, and professionally. Our courses offer students the opportunity to analyze society from a macro and micro perspective, analyzing broad institutional and global perspectives and examining individuals and groups as they interact with others in their daily lives. In essence, our courses are developed and delivered to prepare students to value and understand the research process and how research-based knowledge can be applied to help improve the quality of people’s lives.

The department hopes that Florida Memorial University (FMU) undergraduates come to understand their role in the world and the need for them to become change agents and activists for those without a voice. Students are encouraged to enhance their preparation for professional careers by enrolling in an internship, externship, or practicum during their junior and senior years of study. These experiences allow students to participate in experiential learning opportunities that will enable them to connect the theoretical knowledge from the classroom to real-world situations.

Faculty in the Department of Social Sciences are committed to ensuring that our graduates leave with analytical, written, and oral skills that are useful in obtaining satisfying careers, pursuing advanced graduate degrees, and improving interpersonal relationships.

I encourage you to visit us when you can, whether to stop by during Homecoming weekend or attend one of our public events as they occur. Additionally, I invite you to look over these web pages and learn more about the opportunities the Department of Social Sciences at FMU offers undergraduate students. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to become more involved with our departmental activities or learn more about our programs of study.

Chair of Social Sciences Frederick L. Hunter, Jr.
Frederick L. Hunter, Jr., PhD, MSW

Chair of Social Sciences
Associate Professor of Social Work
Director of Social Work
FMU/FIU Building, Room 248
Office: (305) 626-3733
Mobile: (312) 852-3161