Academic Calendar

The Florida Memorial University Academic Calendar is the official timetable that governs academic instruction.

FMU defines one academic credit hour as 700 minutes of instruction per term including final examinations for regular lecture courses. Laboratory, internship, studio music, practicum and certain other types of courses may be assigned credit hours that are different from the contact time, based on the type of instructional delivery.

Instructional meeting times for three-credit courses are as follows:

  1. Three days a week (i.e., Monday-Wednesday-Friday) for 50 minutes for a minimum of 41 contact days.
  2. Two days a week (i.e., Tuesday-Thursday) for 75 minutes for a minimum of 27 contact days.
  3. One day (e.g., Monday or Saturday) for 150 minutes for a minimum of 14 contact days.

Summer Sessions and any abbreviated terms must follow the same instructional minutes.

Click for the Academic Calendars below: