Veterans Affairs

Florida Memorial University maintains a Veterans Affairs Office in the Office of the Registrar to assist veterans and dependents of veterans who are entitled to V.A. educational benefits under Chapter 30, 32, or Chapter 35 of Title 387, U.S. Code Chapter 106, Title 10, USC.

Am I eligible for VA benefits?

You are eligible for benefits if you meet one of the following criteria:

1. Have served 2/3 of an enlistment contract, and paid into the active duty MGIB system for 1 year; or

2. Are a member of the Florida National Guard or Reserve component of an Armed Service with a contract greater than 6 years; or

3. Are the dependant of spouse of a service member who has been awarded a “permanent and total” service connected disability, or who became deceased while on active duty, or due to a service connected disability.

If so you may be eligible for VA benefits.