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The Nathan W. Collier Library is an attractive three-level structure located at the heart of the FMU campus. Encompassing 25,000 square feet of newly renovated floor space on the first two levels. The library has a seating capacity of over 300, and a book collection of over 216,000 volumes that include over 25,000 in e-book format. We have a Periodicals collection of over 5,000 subscriptions to journals, e-journals and newspapers in support of academic programs. The library subscribes to a number of full-text databases that provide access to thousands of scholarly and peer-reviewed resources, both on and off campus.

The Library’s real estate is shared by the Trayvon Martin Foundation, which is adjacent to the University Archives department, an Archival Gallery, which currently houses the Barbara J. Jordan Commissioner of Excellence Collection, a  Group Study Room, and an Electronic Instruction Classroom. The library maintains several special collections: The Rev. I.C. Mickins Theological and Sermonic Research Collection, the Coco Plum’s Children Literature Collection,  as well as the Dr. Laban Conner Black Collection.

Newly added are the Center for Teaching and Learning, Computer Commons, Graduate Collaborative Center and a beautiful and inviting Library Café.

The Library is a very popular hub on campus with students. Key service activities include reference & research help, circulation, reserve, and Inter-Library loan, provision of audio-visual equipment, an accessible and relevant collections (both print and online), management of public service areas, development of library programs for the campus community, and research and information literacy instruction. All Library Services are directed toward fulfilling the educational mission of the University.

Our library facility is open over 80+ hours a week, but we deliver access to our services and information 24 hours/7days weekly through our virtual and remote access.


The Nathan W. Collier Library is an integral part of Florida Memorial University. We challenge ourselves to improve the quality of life for students, faculty, staff and people within the community. Our priority is creating the ultimate educational experience for students to graduate with an enhanced sense of community awareness, social responsibility, and skills necessary for lifelong learning.


The library’s vision is to provide every student with a foundation for lifelong learning and ensure that students, faculty, and staff are effective users of ideas and information. The library is dedicated to developing student research and information literacy skills, providing quality resources and delivering courteous, timely and accurate information.


A Commitment to:  Character * Leadership * Accountability * Service * Scholarship *

The Nathan W. Collier Library is the academic hub of the university, supporting academic programs providing books, electronic resources, and other materials to strengthen the curriculum. Several volumes of books, periodicals, and journals are accessible, as well as special collections and legal documents for research and study.