Student Assistance Services

The Office of the Dean of Students provides a number of services to assist students with medical and personal emergencies. To access these services during regular business hours, students and/or their families may notify the office at (305) 626-3722. In the event of an after-hours emergency, individuals should contact the Florida Memorial Department at (305) 626-3771 and request that the “Dean on Call” be contacted. There is an emergency “Dean on Call” at all times to assist students in need.

  1. Personal Referrals
    The Office of the Dean of Students can contact the many campus resources such as the Counseling Center, Health Center, and other community services for assistance in arranging emotional or personal support for students.
  2. Academic Referrals
    Students often need assistance in making decisions about academic matters. Our office can assist students with contacting their faculty and/or major department to resolve questions or concerns.
  3. Withdrawing from School
    Some students find that a personal or medical emergency during the school term can impact their ability to attend classes or
make up the missed work. In these cases, students may decide to withdraw from Florida Memorial University. Our office can assist with the Florida Memorial University withdrawal procedures.
  4. Assistance in Contacting and Coordinating Family Needs
    The Office of Dean of Students can serve as a contact point for families. Please feel free to contact us regarding any questions you have about policies, services, and special events. Parents and family members who are concerned about the well-being or success of their student are encouraged to contact our office for advice and support.

This assures that the same rights are not denied to others. By accepting membership in the University community, a student acquires rights in, as well as responsibilities to, the whole University community.

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