FMU’s Department of Intramural Sports & Recreation offers something for everyone.

Whether you like the gridiron or the paint, are a gamer or a lifter, FMU offers diverse sports experiences in a safe environment. Based on a philosophy of wholesome recreation and the right to play, intramural sports are well-rounded, challenging and provide an outlet for students, faculty, and staff to meet new people and develop a lifestyle of fun and fitness.

Florida Memorial University has been a member of the National Intramural and Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA) since 2000. NIRSA is a non-profit professional organization dedicated to the establishment and development of quality intramural/recreational sports and fitness programs.
Some of our intramural sports include basketball, flag football, volleyball, kickball, sports tournaments and more. In our recreational area, we offer yoga, Zumba, nutritional sessions and lessons, fitness clubs and other activities.

You will also get the opportunity to be heard and express yourself and let us know what activities and sports you want to see.
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