Ministry on the Move


The Millennial Generation is always on the move. The Age of Information and Technology has given Millennials a gift of unfettered access to information. They live through their hand-held devices and receive most of their information as they move. Therefore, the Susie C. Holley Religious Center will, with the support of the Chapel Ambassadors, make a weekly effort to move among the student population. The Dean of Campus Ministry and the Chapel Ambassadors will move about the campus in an effort to reach out to students who may not come to the chapel. This will be done through a weekly prayer time on the lawn of the campus.

Why is this necessary? First, there is a need for visibility. Ministry on the Move seeks to make its presence known to students. Students tend to congregate in the dorm areas, cafeteria and in the Student Activity Center. Ministry on the Move seeks to match the mobility of our students by bringing access to chapel services – counseling, Bible Study, worship – to them. Many students resist the church environment because it seems outmoded in the Information Age. So, it is important to meet them in the places where they congregate.

What about technology? The Dean of Campus Ministry and the Chapel Ambassadors will work collaboratively with students to bring the ministry to their mobile phones and devices through a variety of social media platforms. Technology is an important aspect of modern ministry. Social media platforms offer 24-hour access to information students are interested in sharing. Soon, these platforms will include student email, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. The ambassadors will be trained to lead this effort.

Who are the Ambassadors? The Chapel Ambassadors are student credential student ministers who have produced licenses and certificates of ordination in order to be permitted to serve as chapel assistance. Credibility is important. Therefore, each ambassador will also participate in training led by the Dean of Campus Ministry. Training will focus on ministerial etiquette, confidentiality, proper mentoring practices and proper decorum. Chapel Ambassadors will be expected to dress, speak and act in keeping with the privilege of their office as chapel assistants. However, they are also critical members of the outreach team. Their roles as students make them knowledgeable about issues important to students. They are a generational bridge, and they will serve as mentors to encourage students to be unashamed of their walk with Christ. Additionally, Ambassadors will be trained in ecumenical and interfaith issues since Florida Memorial University’s (FMU) student population is diverse.

What is the goal? The goal of Ministry of the Move is to meet students, encourage them to maintain their faith walks and to enlighten them on how to improve their spiritual foundations. Hence, the Ministry on the Move is about service to the students of FMU (Matthew 20:18-20).