Branding Guidelines

Graphic Standards

It is essential to establish a visual identity for Florida Memorial University that projects quality, Consistency, and professionalism. One of the keys steps in creating a positive identity is setting strict graphic standards for visual communications.

This manual outlines the graphic standards that have been adopted by the University and should be precisely followed for all FMU communications.


The logo should never be stretched, narrowed, cropped, or altered in any way.


Getting the right logo

Digital files of the logo are available through the Office of Public Affairs at (305) 626-3626 or on the Public Affairs webpage located on the University’s website. Please do not attempt to recreate the logo using word processing or layout software. In addition, please do not use logos taken off websites or scanned from previous documents.



Color is an essential part of FMU’s graphic identity. To ensure consistency when reproducing the logo in blue and orange, only use the College’s predetermined colors.

FMU pantone colors

If the specific PMS colors cannot be matched exactly, the one-color logo is available upon request.

For one-color reproduction, the entire logo should always be in one color, preferably, black or white.



The Florida Memorial University logo should not be placed on a background that affects its readability. It is preferable that the logo appear on a solid background. No elements, whether graphic or typographical, should be added to the logo for any reason.

Furthermore, to maintain the identity of the logo, no graphic or typographical elements should be place within a distance equal to 24% of the FMU bars.

FMU logo           FMU logo

FMU logo            FMU logo


Use of the University Seal

In addition to the “standard” logo, FMU also has an official college “seal”, as seen in figure 4. Use of the FMU “seal” is restricted to official, formal, or commemorative use, i.e. diplomas, checks, and other key documents that require the University’s mark of official approval.

The seal may also be appropriate where formality is desired, such as on plaques. Its use for invitations and other printed materials is reserved for use of the President and the Board of Trustees. The seal cannot be used in any other applications, including stationery, invitations, program books, etc.

FMU seal official


Use of the Lion

The FMU Lion is a secondary graphic icon that represents the University and is the official mascot for FMU’s athletic teams. The Lion should never replace the “standard” logo. The Lion Can, however, be used as a design element in FMU communications, as long as the graphic is not manipulated, and the standard logo is present and prominent.

The Lion cannot be used on business cards, letterhead, envelopes and/or legal documents.

FMU seal            FMU seal


Envelope Standards

If you require the official university envelope, please contact the Office of Public Affairs.

Business Communications Standards

Communications on Letterhead

The preferred font for all FMU business communications is Times New Roman. The font on letterhead should not be smaller than 10pt. and should not exceed 16pt. the standard for most business communications is 12pt.

All paragraphs should be left justified, with paragraph breaks. Each new paragraph should be indented ½”.

The recipients address line should be placed on the left hand side of the page, approximately ¼” below the bottom of the FMU logo, and should be no less than ½ “ above the bottom address and phone number.

Complementary marketing materials

If an FMU communication is not placed on FMU letterhead, it is still preferable to use the Times New Roman font. The “standard” logo should also appear prominently on the piece, as well as the University’s address, phone number and website.

Writing about Florida Memorial University

When referring to Florida Memorial University for the first time, in a specific piece please spell out the name COMPLETELY. For example:

Florida Memorial University was founded in 1879. FMU is a place for opportunity. The University has a long history and tradition.

After the first mention, it is acceptable to use “Florida Memorial University”, FMU, or “the University”. Please note that ‘the University’ is capitalized and ‘FMU’ does not have any periods in between the letters.



It is not acceptable to use F.M.U., Florida Memorial, Flomo, The Institution, or any other derivation of the University’s name not specified above.