Pre-Alumni Council

What is Pre-Alumni Council?

The Pre-Alumni Council (PAC) became a viable student organization on the campus in the 1960s under the leadership and direction of Mrs. B. H. Puryear, the first Lady of our University, formerly Florida Memorial College. Since its inception the PAC has ambassadors proven to be the bulwark for the exposure and networking of our students with other United Negro College Fund member institution; and takes great pride in its role as the student organization which serves as the University’s official. PAC is the only student organization beside the Student Government Association on United Negro College Fund (UNCF) member institution campuses where all enrolled students are members as neither organization have restrictive membership requirement.

THE PURPOSE of PAC is to stimulate the interest and participation of students in the life of UNCF member institutions; and to preserve and further the loyalty and fellowship among those students.

Furthermore, THE GOALS of the PAC are to:

  1. Encourage our students to actively support the UNCF through their participation in fund raising endeavors on their respective campus and their campus community
  2. Stimulate awareness among their classmates and students at UNCF member institutions of the need to become active members of their respective PAC.
  3. Assist the National Alumni Council in its goal to encourage young people to attend UNCF member institutions.

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