Message from the Chair

On behalf of the Health and Natural Sciences faculty and staff, thank you for your interest in discovering the educational opportunities available in our department. Life and physical sciences are dynamic, ever changing and growing disciplines in great demand, mainly due to significant strides in research and technology. This broad area of study applies engineering principles and techniques to the life and physical sciences.

The Department of Health and Natural Sciences offers opportunities to study engineering and science leading to careers in these areas. Students are offered degrees in Biology, Chemistry, and Environmental Studies.

The growing interest in STEM led to the establishment of the Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry with a Concentration in Radiochemistry and its complementary degree, a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with a Concentration in Radiobiology, both of which are unique to the undergraduate institutions in Florida.

Rose Mary Stiffin
Dr. Rose Mary Stiffin

Chair, Health & Natural Sciences
Athalie Range Science Building, Room 118
Office: (305) 626-3697