Degree Programs

The School of Education offers majors in Elementary Education (K-6). The Bachelor of Science degree offered in this specialized field, coupled with the teacher education curriculum with a robust field experience component, will successfully prepare students for a professional teaching career in the respective content area.

The curricular offerings in the teacher education programs provide opportunities to learn and practice appropriate theories, concepts, and strategies. The professional education program is intended to provide skills and competencies necessary to be effective educators by emphasizing such areas as, methodologies of instruction, curriculum development, classroom management, culturally responsive teaching, trauma-informed teaching, assessment and outcomes planning, field activities, and internship experience.

The curriculum developed for majors leading to teacher certification is based on Council for Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) standards, national standards, and the State Board of Education rules prescribed in Chapter 6A.5FAC of the Department of Education for the State of Florida.

The School of Education offers the following undergraduate and graduate education programs:

Refer to the University Catalog outlining program description and courses.