Mission Statement

The Department of Residential Life is committed to enhance the quality of life amongst residents by providing secure and comfortable well maintained housing. In addition the department provides the opportunity for social, educational involvement and for self-governance.

Statement on Diversity and Inclusiveness
The Department of Residence Life strives to create a community where everyone is welcomed and valued for his or her own individual contribution.

We will achieve this through:

  1. Encouraging students and staff to better understand themselves as well as others in the community.
  2. The provision of programs and opportunities for all to share experiences, values, cultures and beliefs.
  3. Identifying biases, assumptions, ridicule and prejudices as they occur and readily challenging these statements that may be obstacles of true community.

While living on campus, strive to establish and maintain a residential environment that will help you achieve your educational goals. This environment should support the academic learning taking place but also promote the learning of life skills, in addition to providing the opportunity to maximize your development. Strive for an educational and learning experience that takes you beyond the classroom and makes you more complete and well rounded. Get to know other students from other parts of the country and the world.