Innovation, Technology, and Entertainment

The Innovation, Technology, Entertainment, and Esports (ITE) program at Florida Memorial University provides students with an interest in recreational or competitive gaming an opportunity to learn about the history, business, and culture of the multibillion-dollar video game industry. Students from any major or academic discipline can opt to take courses in Innovation, Technology, and Entertainment (ITE) with a focus on Esports. Elective courses may be combined with a degree in Computer Science, Communications, Music Production, Business Management, or another. Industry workshops are offered regularly on Cryptocurrency, the Metaverse, VR/AR immersive content, Artificial Intelligence, and NFT creation.


New HBCU Esports Practice Facility

Florida Memorial University’s state-of-the-art Lions Esports and Gaming Center inside of the J.C. Sams Recreational facility supports both University and high school gamers. Students can explore the world of gaming via new consoles, gaming PCs, and peripherals.

The Lions Esports and Gaming center accommodates the growing Esports demand in the southern region. It serves as both a practice facility for the Lions Esports and Gaming Club and as a recreational Esports and gaming venue where spectators can watch matches.

ITE Innovation Lab

Florida Memorial University’s Lehman 103 Innovation Lab serves as a multidisciplinary academic classroom and collaborative and ideation Lab space for students, faculty, and staff featuring state-of-the-art technology and warm modular furniture, welcoming all creatives. Students can utilize 3D printers for project modeling and learn about cryptocurrency, decentralized finance, and minting NFTs. All ITE Esports courses are offered in the Lehman 103.

Rendering of the Lions Esports and Gaming Center

Esports Facility