Message from the Chair

Message from the Chair

The Department of Computer Science and Technology at Florida Memorial University in South Florida is committed to creating and disseminating knowledge through world class integrated research with dedicated faculty members in small classroom and computer labs. Students learn and accumulate knowledge through hands-on-practice, design, and building with up-to-date interactive computer lab programming techniques.

Students study in small group settings with our highly qualified Faculty members in class or with computer-aided interactive computer programs in computer labs.

The Department of Computer Science and Technology offers three different disciplines of Bachelor of Science degree programs in Computer Science (CS), Cybersecurity (CY), and Information Systems (IS).

Computer Science (CS) – Is the study of the fundamental concepts of computer in theory, hardware drivers, operating systems, computer architecture, application software, web design, programming, data structures, system software, networking, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and database systems with a wide range of applications that equip our graduates to lead to careers as suitable for the digital workforce.

Cybersecurity (CY) – Is the study of software, light hardware, and techniques used to develop plans to safeguard computer files against modification, destruction, and disclosure; monitor current reports of computer viruses; encrypt data transmissions and set firewalls; perform risk assessments and execute tests of systems to ensure data processing and security.

Information Systems (IS) – Is the study of the software aspect of computers and human-computer interactions. Our graduates have the flexibility to minor in (CS) or CY) to expand their careers as programmers, systems analysts, technical support personnel, data administrators, web designers, and network security specialists in the computer education, industry, hospitals, and financial institutions.

In addition to the above three-degree programs, the Department offers CompTIA IT Certification preparation series such as CompTIA IT Fundamentals, CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network +, CompTIA Security +, and CompTIA CYSA+.

We have a broad range of opportunities for our graduates. We prepare our graduates to use critical thinking, analysis, problem-solving, and teamwork skills. We offer a mix of traditional, online, and hybrid courses to equip students with a variety of classroom instruction. Together with our academic advisors and graduates, you are urged to investigate further our course offerings through the Florida Memorial University catalog to see if there is a match for your academic goals.

We hope that as you look further into our programs you will find that we have what you are looking for.